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Waorani omede beye ante nee adani

Documentary Short Film

For thousands of years, the Waorani women of the Ecuadorian Amazon have lived in perfect harmony with Mother Earth in the most biodiverse spot on the planet, the Yasuní. They have coexisted within this delicate ecosystem, which has allowed them to flourish while preserving their unique customs and traditions. However, the winds of change have swept through their lands, and now, the sacred place that grandmothers, daughters, and granddaughters have cherished as home stands under grave threat.

"Waorani Guardians of the Amazon" follows the journey of Ecuadorian director Luisana Carcelén as she ventures deep into the heart of the Waorani women's community in Ecuador. With sensitivity and insight, she unveils the compelling testimonies of women who have courageously assumed leadership roles. They stand as steadfast guardians of their habitat and families, bravely facing down the corporate and governmental powers that seek to demolish their home and silence their voices. This documentary is a stirring tribute to resilience, heritage, and the unbreakable bond between humanity and nature.

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